OSHPD System Requirements

For SpeedTrack System Requiremnts PDF document, click here.

In order to obtain consistent performance and reliability, SpeedTrack recommends the following minimum system requirements. Please review the requirements and confirm the requirements are met for each Customer end user. The following hardware, software and Internet access is recommended.

In order to use the SpeedTrack OSHPD application, access to the Internet is needed. You May Need to Take Action with Port Numbers as indicated below. However, we recommend you test access to the online service before performing these actions, as they may not be necessary.

If you need to adjust the port numbers, your network administrator will need to set up port forwarding to allow the traffic to pass through your corporate firewall as follows:

All the connections are initialized from the client side. All of these are TCP connections. We require the client to be able to establish TCP connection with following end points:

  1. IP: port: 80: HTTP port, used for viewing the login page
  2. IP: port: 443: HTTPS port, used for viewing the login page
  3. IP: port: 11976: TIE Server, used for communication between Client and Server
  4. IP: port: 20000: RDSS, used to save remote filters on the Server

No connections are initialized from the server side so the client's computer (or LAN) does not require any ports to be opened to listen for incoming connections.

The End User PC Requirements

Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher
Java version 6 required on each individual users PC in order to run the application
MS Excel (or Office) or a compatible system for viewing output data
2GB RAM, system may operate satisfactorily with 1GB of RAM provided all other programs are turned off
The minimum monitor resolution for best viewing is 1280 x 1024, with lower resolution the service is useable but not optimum.

Administrative Privileges

Each user should have sufficient rights to install the application and save files locally on their desktop/laptop.